"Life is better when you
love, nourish and challenge your body.

Stop the hating, restricting and punishing...
that stuff is exhausting."

- Belinda Wasowski



Struggling to achieve your goals? Feel like you're on a rollercoaster? 

The 'defeat self-sabotage' workshop will help you explore your limiting behaviours and the core beliefs behind them. With this knowledge, you'll break down the barriers to your success!  

This workshop has been extremely popular and the feedback has been amazing. Our next workshop will be held in late 2014.

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Recently I was invited to take part in a women's wellness interview series created by Jenny Wright of Hello Great Health. Get the article on her website and follow her on facebook for inspiration and great wellness tips and advice.

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What participants are saying about our workshops...

 "Excellent experience - confronting, enlightening, thought-provoking"

"Completely exceeded my expectations. When is the next workshop???" 

"Exceeded my expectations. Enjoyed the presenters sharing their personal experiences. A wonderful seminar." 

"Invaluable and informative. The right balance of discussion and theory." 

"Really positive experience. Comforting to know others deal with similar issues!" 

"Very excellent! Thoroughly enjoyed it." 

"Fabulous. I am leaving with a realistic tool to help me stop self-sabotage." 

"What a fantastic workshop! Thank you for sharing your experiences. Loved the flash card!" 

"You girls are so empowering. Keep up the great work." 

"Congratulations. Well facilitated workshop. It takes great courage to share personal experiences like you did. Thank you - you're both remarkable women who are helping a lot of people." 

"I have done a lot of personal development courses and can honestly say I got more out of today than most of those I've been to. Totally exceeded my expectations. Would love to do a whole day!" 

"Valuable tools. Excellent experience. Whole day would be great." 


100% of participants said they would recommend the workshop to a friend.

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